Don’t risk reputation damage! Destroy old uniforms.

What happens when an employee is terminated and still has the company uniform? In recent years, there has been a series of crimes committed by ex-employees still in uniform. Any individual wearing a brands uniform can be seen associated with that brand. Whilst wearing a uniform, a former TOLL Employee was seen racially abusing a […]

Shred yourself? There’s hidden costs to be aware of

Handling sensitive information? Shred on your own? The average office shredder is actually risky and more costly than you may think. Imagine if your office became victim to identity theft, fraud or another fraudulent crime. This can easily happen if you shred yourself and documents aren’t destroyed properly. Shred! Hidden costs and risks of shredding […]

Recycling or shredding? Be green AND safe!

With our environment under increasing pressure, how we dispose of our waste is becoming ever more important. Recycling documents is one way we can reduce our ecological footprint, helping to preserve forests and minimising the amount of paper that ends up in general waste. Most people use council recycling bins to dispose of documents and […]

Bust clutter for an efficient and secure workplace

It’s amazing how quickly an office can become cluttered with loose, unfiled documents. They not only look untidy, but with identity theft and corporate espionage rife can be a real security problem. Use these tips to declutter for a more efficient and more secure workspace. Take a look at each document. Do you really need […]

Document shredding: which service is best for you?

Disposing of sensitive documents in a completely secure, easy, cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner should be a priority for every business. Using a document-shredding service makes all this easy. Here’s a simple checklist to help you find the right service for your needs. Priority one: security With the rise of identity theft, corporate fraud, industrial […]

What type of documents should i shred?

Despite the ever increasing shift towards becoming a paperless society, hard copy documents may never be completely eradicated. For this reason, it is essential that you and your workplace implement a fail proof systems to ensure secure document destruction is in place. There are obvious dangers associated with the shredding of documents, as the need […]

Confidential Document Disposal with Security Bins

  Unfortunately data theft is rampant in the business world these days. With the average cost of data breach to Australian businesses at $2.5 million and involving over 20,000 stolen records (Ponemon Institute, 2014) secure destruction of confidential documents is of utmost importance. Lockable security bins provide paper shredding and confidential document destruction services for […]

How Secure is it really?

  In this age of identity theft and increasingly tough legislation around information privacy, there are plenty of good reasons to use a secure document destruction service. How do you choose a company to securely dispose of your business documents? How do you know your documents will not end up in the wrong hands? A […]

How to Protect the Confidential Information of your Business

  Now more than ever, personal and confidential documents for business are at the risk of being used for illegal purposes. Statistics recorded by credit bureau Veda across 2014/15, revealed that over 770,000 Australians were the victim of identity fraud in a 12 month period alone; making it of utmost importance to take the time […]

Whats the environmental cost of the documents in your office?

  How many pieces of paper would you say your business throws out in a day? Are your employees taking the time to walk over to the recycling bin, or are they just scrunching them up and throwing into their desk bin along with their apple cores and chocolate bar wrappers? Sadly, in many offices […]