Now more than ever, personal and confidential documents for business are at the risk of being used for illegal purposes. Statistics recorded by credit bureau Veda across 2014/15, revealed that over 770,000 Australians were the victim of identity fraud in a 12 month period alone; making it of utmost importance to take the time to dispose of private business documents securely.

Once you have correctly deleted and disposed of digital records you no longer need, it is of extreme importance to do the same with print documents. Failure to do this can result in personal documents getting into the wrong hands, being used for illegal activity and having detrimental effects on your business.

Follow these guidelines to ensure your confidential information is protected:

Get it right from the start – all employees should be made aware of confidential practices within your business. Employee information, management information and business information should all have separate guidelines when it comes to keeping such information confidential, even in disposal.

Enforce confidentiality procedures accordingly – to show all stakeholders that you value privacy and are serious about maintaining confidentiality.

Secure confidential document destruction – this is one of the most important parts of protecting privacy and business collateral.  A professional company who provides record destruction, bin supply and pickup services, daily document shredding with guaranteed security (and a certificate of destruction) is crucial in keeping your private documents just that – private.

Peace of mind for you and your customers is certainly worthy your business’ attention. To uphold the highest levels of security for your sensitive business documentation, Metroshred is Melbourne’s trusted network.