Unfortunately data theft is rampant in the business world these days. With the average cost of data breach to Australian businesses at $2.5 million and involving over 20,000 stolen records (Ponemon Institute, 2014) secure destruction of confidential documents is of utmost importance.

Lockable security bins provide paper shredding and confidential document destruction services for all types of documents. Customer records, employee records, contracts, financial reports, marketing plans, and new product specifications, are but a few examples of documents which must be kept confidential to avoid data theft. Using lockable security bins for confidential document disposal in your workplace is an easy and convenient way to ensure data theft is kept at bay.

Metroshred document destruction services include:

Our 240 litre security bins hold the equivalent of six standard archive boxes or one four drawer filing cabinet and can accommodate paper, staples, paperclips, manila folders and rubber bands. The bins are delivered to your business and collected every two weeks, earlier if need be, and can even be taken away after immediate filling on the spot if required.

Suitable for any workplace where the security of confidential documents is important, the Metroshred lockable security bins pick-up and delivery service is available for all metropolitan areas as well as some outer metro suburbs.

Keep your business safe from data breaches and contact us today to arrange yours.