Don’t risk reputation damage! Destroy old uniforms.

What happens when an employee is terminated and still has the company uniform? In recent years, there has been a series of crimes committed by ex-employees still in uniform. Any individual wearing a brands uniform can be seen associated with that brand. Whilst wearing a uniform, a former TOLL Employee was seen racially abusing a […]

Shred yourself? There’s hidden costs to be aware of

Handling sensitive information? Shred on your own? The average office shredder is actually risky and more costly than you may think. Imagine if your office became victim to identity theft, fraud or another fraudulent crime. This can easily happen if you shred yourself and documents aren’t destroyed properly. Shred! Hidden costs and risks of shredding […]

Shred, shred, shred! The environment will thank you

Can you name a better feeling than safe-guarding your sensitive information and doing your bit for the environment? MetroShred’s has an environmentally friendly process and approximately all of the material that is shred in our secure locations is recycled on a daily basis. Recycled paper is paper that has been reconstituted into paper again. We […]

Take Care of Business with a Clean Office Routine

Death and taxes are famously quoted as the only certainties in life. An overlooked certainty however is the associated chaos left behind in an office after completing the end of financial year reporting. Tax Returns, Annual Reports and Superannuation statements but to name a few. While we like to think we work in a paperless […]

Top 8 Office Documents You Should be Shredding

Even in the digital age, paperwork in a modern office is substantial. Working within the walls of the business, paper documents may look like just more work rather than anything of outside value. Many businesses however dismiss the risks of identity theft and fraud that can occur from dumpster divers meddling with discarded waste paper. […]

Paper documents in a digital age

You’d be forgiven for thinking printed documents are on the way out as we move towards the age of the ‘paperless office’. However, while transmitting and storing documents digitally is undeniably convenient, many of the most important (and most sensitive) documents we receive still tend to be in hard-copy form. A recent survey in the […]

Privacy laws and your business

These days no business can afford to be careless with customers’ private data. Both consumers and lawmakers are focusing more and more on how organisations handle sensitive information, and failure to do so correctly can be devastating, both in terms of a business’s reputation as well as legal consequences. Responsible handling of private information extends […]

Environmental disposal

Just a year ago, a study revealed that Australian businesses are falling behind the rest of the world when it comes to recycling. The study, conducted by the nation’s leading waste and recycling experts Business Waste, found that most companies are without a green policy and fail to separate their waste into recyclables and non-recyclables. […]


Many companies we speak to wonder if they really need to worry about secure document disposal. They think, “Oh, we’re just small, nobody would be interested in our documents,” or “It’s ok, we don’t really collect any sensitive data.” Well, stop and think again. We can pretty much guarantee that EVERY business collects some form […]

What type of documents should i shred?

Despite the ever increasing shift towards becoming a paperless society, hard copy documents may never be completely eradicated. For this reason, it is essential that you and your workplace implement a fail proof systems to ensure secure document destruction is in place. There are obvious dangers associated with the shredding of documents, as the need […]