In this age of identity theft and increasingly tough legislation around information privacy, there are plenty of good reasons to use a secure document destruction service.

How do you choose a company to securely dispose of your business documents? How do you know your documents will not end up in the wrong hands?

A document destruction service must be able to guarantee that your records are safely stored, transported and destroyed.

Metropolitan Shredding Service has been scrutinized and approved to an accredited security level.

We adhere to strict guidelines on how your documents and records are handled and disposed of. All of our secure disposal facilities have been investigated and approved to an accredited security level, and our staff members have been cleared by the National Police Records Check.

Our secure paper shredding and document destruction policies and procedures are scrutinised during the accreditation process to ensure the security of how your documentation is stored, transported and destroyed.

Using Metropolitan Shredding Service will give you peace of mind that your documents are being properly and securely disposed of. We provide document destruction services for all types of documents, for government, commercial and private offices throughout most of the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Simply contact us and we will deliver a 240 litre secure document bin to you.

Fill your security bin with sensitive documents then have it picked up by us. You can rest easy that we will take care of the secure document destruction for you.