All businesses need to be proactive about document security and develop robust procedures for the storage and destruction of confidential data. Put simply, its not a matter of if you will have an attempted security breach, but when. Without the appropriate procedures, its just too easy for mistakes to be made or more maliciously, for intentional misconduct to take place.

By implementing strong document security procedures, you can protect your business and provide a level of reassurance for your staff and your customers.

Using a document destruction service gives you access to a secure facility for disposing of documents containing sensitive data while they await destruction. Rather than leaving forms with the personal details of customers or important financial records sitting around in general office bins, we can provide you with securely locked bins to prevent the loss or theft of confidential data.

We also guarantee the security of documents during transportation right through to the point of destruction with certificates of destruction provided as part of our security guarantee. Without this, how can you know what happens to your documents once they leave your workplace? Do you know what happens once your standard recycling bin is collected by the garbage truck? What if sensitive documents were caught by the wind and blew out of the truck down the street? Yes, it might be unlikely, but for the sake of a small investment in secure document management, is the risk worth it?

By having solid and robust processes in place, it makes it easier for people to do the right thing and dispose of documents safely. You can then promote this to your clients and provide an even greater level of confidence in your products and services.

In the age of identify theft, taking security seriously is everybodys business. Waiting until you have a security breach is too late. Contact us today to find out about our document destruction services and how we can provide you with peace of mind.