Environmental disposal

Just a year ago, a study revealed that Australian businesses are falling behind the rest of the world when it comes to recycling. The study, conducted by the nation’s leading waste and recycling experts Business Waste, found that most companies are without a green policy and fail to separate their waste into recyclables and non-recyclables. Ultimately, this means that business waste is being sent straight to landfill.

Unfortunately, our poor track record when it comes to recycling is not through lack of infrastructure; it is simply a case of businesses not having the correct policies in place to dispose of their waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

And the number one material being improperly disposed of? Paper!

Business Waste’s research also revealed that some businesses are disposing of their waste at the household tip. It is indeed a dangerous habit to get into as businesses that do not adhere to their waste management duty of care are liable to pay hefty fines.

This is where Metropolitan Shredding Service can step in and reduce both your company’s environmental impact as well as the costs associated with disposal.

For just $63.00 per bin, based on a two bin minimum, we can help your business move towards reducing your impact on the environment. Metropolitan Shredding Service recycles all shredded documents to ensure there is no waste left behind.

Contact us today for your paper shredding needs and help our country to move towards a greener and more sustainable future.


Many companies we speak to wonder if they really need to worry about secure document disposal. They think, “Oh, we’re just small, nobody would be interested in our documents,” or “It’s ok, we don’t really collect any sensitive data.”

Well, stop and think again. We can pretty much guarantee that EVERY business collects some form of sensitive data. Think about staff records – like tax file number, address, date of birth, and bank account details. That sounds like enough details for somebody to commit identity fraud to me! Or customer details like their budget for certain projects or how much they are spending on a particular service – what kind of trouble could one of your competitors create with that kind of information?

Hard copy documents are recognised as one of the weakest links in the security chain for most organisations. Here’s some of the most common problems that can occur from inadequate disposal and destruction of documents.

  • Competitors gaining access to sensitive pricing information
  • Poaching of customers by competitors
  • Leaking of future plans to competitors
  • Reputational damage to your business if lost or misplaced documents are traced back to you
  • Corporate espionage – according to In Context, four out of the ten most notorious corporate espionage cases involved hard copy documents
  • Identity theft

For a small investment, we can provide you with a one-off document collection and destruction service. We provide securely locked bins for the safe storage of documents waiting to be destroyed and use fully accredited facilities to destroy the documents. We’ll also provide you with a certificate of destruction as part of our security guarantee, so you can rest easy that all appropriate steps have been taking to protect your business, your staff, and your customers. Disposing of sensitive documents any other way just isn’t worth the risk.

Give us a call today to discuss our services and make your first secure document collection and disposal booking.

What type of documents should i shred?

Despite the ever increasing shift towards becoming a paperless society, hard copy documents may never be completely eradicated. For this reason, it is essential that you and your workplace implement a fail proof systems to ensure secure document destruction is in place. There are obvious dangers associated with the shredding of documents, as the need to destroy sensitive information is paralleled with requirements to archive certain information for future reference. Through the development of clear guidelines, your company stakeholders can be assured that any risk to identity theft, sensitive information and important documents is being actively reduced at every opportunity. We have put together some suggestions to assist you in managing your company’s paper trail now and into the future.

Communicate the ‘why’

Knowledge leads to empowerment. If your employees are informed as to why documents must be shredded and which documents they are obliged to destroy, you can begin to work together to create a secure workplace. Ensure they’re aware of the risks of neglecting to shred, as well as the importance of filing important information. Schedule regular meetings as new policies or documents emerge to allow employees to clarify their responsibilities.
Create a ‘shred vs no shred’ infographic
Laminate a large colourful poster in your common areas where employees can easily view the documents they are to shred. Also make this available in your Staff Share drive to allow for quick access when employees are working at their desks.

Nominate a shredding officer

A simple, yet effective strategy is to nominate a willing employee as a shredding officer. Make certain they are up to date with your current shredding policies and whether or not certain documents should be destroyed. Their responsibility is to assist other employees on not only which documents they must shred, but how to effectively archive all saved documents for seamless future reference.

Implement a ‘no clutter’ policy

At the end of each work day, employees should actively clear their desks by either archiving or shredding any loose paper. Communicate the risk of having unsecured documents around the office so employees understand their obligation. This will also significantly decrease the tendency to accumulate mountains of uncategorised paper that is at risk of being overlooked and accidentally shredded.

Store saved documents in a secure location

Once employees have set aside documents to be archived, provide a secure and organised location. Access to this location should be limited to executive staff members.  However your workplace chooses to implement their shredding policy, know that there is the need for continual refinement and clarification of responsibilities. By having each and every employee understand the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of secure document shredding, your company can look forward to an organised, safe and secure future.

At MetroShred, we provide you with the cost effective solution to all of your document destruction needs. Paperwork has the tendency to build up and policies may not be followed as stringently.

By enabling a professional company such as Metroshred to handle your document destruction, you can begin a safe, secure and regular disposal plan to protect your business.


It’s a problem being faced daily by families across Australia – dealing with decades of paperwork when a loved one passes away or has to leave their family home to move into assisted living. It’s an emotional process, sifting through precious memories intermixed with years of household bills and other paperwork.

Once you’ve located important legal and financial documents like insurance policies, bank accounts and the will and segregated all the mementos you want to keep like photographs, diaries and other keepsakes, you can potentially still be left with boxes and boxes of paperwork that need to be disposed of. It can easily be enough to fill multiple recycling bins! And as well as the physical space limitations of residential bins, it’s important to take a moment to stop and think about the other risks of just throwing paperwork in the bin for roadside collection.

Standard rubbish collection isn’t enough

Many families book a rubbish collection service or skip bin for throwing out a lot of old items, as well as selling old furniture and household goods or donating these to charities. It can be easy to think “Oh, maybe we’ll just throw all the paperwork in with the other rubbish too.” But it’s a risk that really isn’t worth it!

Protect your family from identity theft

Day-to-day household paperwork contains an abundance of information that can be exploited by criminals for committing identity theft and fraud. Taking steps to safely dispose of and destroy paperwork can protect your family from unnecessary trauma and additional heartache during an already emotionally trying time. It’s horrible that we even need to provide these kinds of warnings, but unfortunately identity theft crime is a growing problem that won’t be going away anytime soon.

Metropolitan Shredding Service can deliver secure, locked bins to your family home, with collection scheduled after two weeks. This gives you enough time to go through important paperwork and have the peace of mind to know that documents are held in a secure, inaccessible bin until you have finished the process of sifting through filing cabinets and cupboards. Once the bin is collected, you can sleep easy knowing that we guarantee complete destruction with the highest security from collection through to transport and final destruction. After being comprehensively shredded and destroyed, the remains are sent for recycling.

We can service all capital cities across Australia, plus many areas of regional NSW. To book a bin delivery and document destruction service, call METROPOLITAN SHREDDING SERVICE on 1300 677 074.

Confidential Document Disposal with Security Bins


Unfortunately data theft is rampant in the business world these days. With the average cost of data breach to Australian businesses at $2.5 million and involving over 20,000 stolen records (Ponemon Institute, 2014) secure destruction of confidential documents is of utmost importance.

Lockable security bins provide paper shredding and confidential document destruction services for all types of documents. Customer records, employee records, contracts, financial reports, marketing plans, and new product specifications, are but a few examples of documents which must be kept confidential to avoid data theft. Using lockable security bins for confidential document disposal in your workplace is an easy and convenient way to ensure data theft is kept at bay.

Metroshred document destruction services include:

  • Record destruction with daily document shredding
  • Secure document destruction bin supply and pickup service
  • One-off or scheduled document destruction
  • Certificate of Destruction supplied for each destruction service

Our 240 litre security bins hold the equivalent of six standard archive boxes or one four drawer filing cabinet and can accommodate paper, staples, paperclips, manila folders and rubber bands. The bins are delivered to your business and collected every two weeks, earlier if need be, and can even be taken away after immediate filling on the spot if required.

Suitable for any workplace where the security of confidential documents is important, the Metroshred lockable security bins pick-up and delivery service is available for all metropolitan areas as well as some outer metro suburbs.

Keep your business safe from data breaches and contact us today to arrange yours.


How Secure is it really?


In this age of identity theft and increasingly tough legislation around information privacy, there are plenty of good reasons to use a secure document destruction service.

How do you choose a company to securely dispose of your business documents? How do you know your documents will not end up in the wrong hands?

A document destruction service must be able to guarantee that your records are safely stored, transported and destroyed.

Metropolitan Shredding Service has been scrutinized and approved to an accredited security level.

We adhere to strict guidelines on how your documents and records are handled and disposed of. All of our secure disposal facilities have been investigated and approved to an accredited security level, and our staff members have been cleared by the National Police Records Check.

Our secure paper shredding and document destruction policies and procedures are scrutinised during the accreditation process to ensure the security of how your documentation is stored, transported and destroyed.

Using Metropolitan Shredding Service will give you peace of mind that your documents are being properly and securely disposed of. We provide document destruction services for all types of documents, for government, commercial and private offices throughout most of the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Simply contact us and we will deliver a 240 litre secure document bin to you.

Fill your security bin with sensitive documents then have it picked up by us. You can rest easy that we will take care of the secure document destruction for you.

How to Protect the Confidential Information of your Business


Now more than ever, personal and confidential documents for business are at the risk of being used for illegal purposes. Statistics recorded by credit bureau Veda across 2014/15, revealed that over 770,000 Australians were the victim of identity fraud in a 12 month period alone; making it of utmost importance to take the time to dispose of private business documents securely.

Once you have correctly deleted and disposed of digital records you no longer need, it is of extreme importance to do the same with print documents. Failure to do this can result in personal documents getting into the wrong hands, being used for illegal activity and having detrimental effects on your business.

Follow these guidelines to ensure your confidential information is protected:

Get it right from the start – all employees should be made aware of confidential practices within your business. Employee information, management information and business information should all have separate guidelines when it comes to keeping such information confidential, even in disposal.

Enforce confidentiality procedures accordingly – to show all stakeholders that you value privacy and are serious about maintaining confidentiality.

Secure confidential document destruction – this is one of the most important parts of protecting privacy and business collateral.  A professional company who provides record destruction, bin supply and pickup services, daily document shredding with guaranteed security (and a certificate of destruction) is crucial in keeping your private documents just that – private.

Peace of mind for you and your customers is certainly worthy your business’ attention. To uphold the highest levels of security for your sensitive business documentation, Metroshred is Melbourne’s trusted network.

Time to declutter?


Maybe you’ve read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, maybe you’re moving house, or maybe you’ve just decided it’s time for a good old spring clean and clear out. But you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to get rid of all the excess stuff you’ve discovered around your house.

So here’s our handy guide to help you make progress on your big clear out and clean up mission!

Donate it

There’s any number of charities and op shops who love donations of good, wearable clothes, bedding, linen, furniture and other household items. Groups like St Vincents De Paul, the Salvation Army and the Smith Family will gratefully receive many items and will often even come and collect directly from your home. You can also gift items to family and friends but make sure that they truly do want and have a use for it. You don’t want to add to somebody elses storage and hoarding problem!

Cash it

Often, just because you no longer have a need for an item, doesn’t mean that its worthless. Try selling your goods on second-hand marketplaces like eBay or Gumtree, or try your local buy/swap/sell group on Facebook.

Bin it

Of course, you’ll no doubt find a lot of stuff that’s been stored for no obvious reason. A lonely spare tile for the bathroom before you renovated it, a shelf from your old oven, three broken pedestal fans, deflated balls, and the list continues. For many households, it can make financial sense to book a skip bin or rubbish collection service to take away a lot of these items.

Shred it

Before you start throwing old paperwork into the skip bin or your general household bins though, take a moment to stop and think about the sensitive data that could be contained in those old pieces of paperwork. Identity theft is a big problem and disposing documents without consideration for the security risks can leave you open to being a victim of fraud. To protect yourself and your family, Metro Shred can provide you with a secure, locked bin for paperwork and documents on a regular or one-off basis. Well deliver a bin, and then collect it again after two weeks. You can rest assured that your documents will be taken away for shredding with security guaranteed at all steps in the process from collection and transportation through to final destruction.

To make a booking to have a secure document bin delivered to your home, call Metro Shred on 1300 677 074.

Whats the environmental cost of the documents in your office?


How many pieces of paper would you say your business throws out in a day? Are your employees taking the time to walk over to the recycling bin, or are they just scrunching them up and throwing into their desk bin along with their apple cores and chocolate bar wrappers? Sadly, in many offices a vast amount of paper including potentially confidential documents are just ending up in general waste.

Secure and green

By implementing a robust document destruction policy however, your business can both take greater steps to protect the security of your data and by extension the security of your customers and employees data and to be more environmentally responsible in the disposal of paperwork.

Using a secure document destruction service like that provided by MetroShred means that your classified and confidential paperwork is comprehensively and securely destroyed, then taken for recycling. Unlike standard recycling bins, you can rest assured that documents are securely contained in our locked bins prior to collection and then thoroughly destroyed prior to recycling. All our staff are thoroughly screened before being granted security clearance and all of our locations are approved secure sites with the strictest guidelines for secure document destruction and records disposal. At no point in the process, from the time documents are placed into the bin until the remains are recycled, is there any threat of people gaining access to confidential and sensitive data.

Responsible destruction guaranteed

So if you want to have peace of mind about the security of your documents and have the confidence that paperwork will be recycled after secure destruction, MetroShred is the smart choice. We have competitive pricing with bins from $63 (conditions apply) and can do a one-off pick up with no fixed term contracts or a regularly scheduled service. To find out more about our services or to make a booking, call us today on 1300 677 074.

Document security – its too late to think about it once theres a problem


All businesses need to be proactive about document security and develop robust procedures for the storage and destruction of confidential data. Put simply, its not a matter of if you will have an attempted security breach, but when. Without the appropriate procedures, its just too easy for mistakes to be made or more maliciously, for intentional misconduct to take place.

By implementing strong document security procedures, you can protect your business and provide a level of reassurance for your staff and your customers.

Using a document destruction service gives you access to a secure facility for disposing of documents containing sensitive data while they await destruction. Rather than leaving forms with the personal details of customers or important financial records sitting around in general office bins, we can provide you with securely locked bins to prevent the loss or theft of confidential data.

We also guarantee the security of documents during transportation right through to the point of destruction with certificates of destruction provided as part of our security guarantee. Without this, how can you know what happens to your documents once they leave your workplace? Do you know what happens once your standard recycling bin is collected by the garbage truck? What if sensitive documents were caught by the wind and blew out of the truck down the street? Yes, it might be unlikely, but for the sake of a small investment in secure document management, is the risk worth it?

By having solid and robust processes in place, it makes it easier for people to do the right thing and dispose of documents safely. You can then promote this to your clients and provide an even greater level of confidence in your products and services.

In the age of identify theft, taking security seriously is everybodys business. Waiting until you have a security breach is too late. Contact us today to find out about our document destruction services and how we can provide you with peace of mind.