A friend in the United States recently shared a horror story involving a close colleague of his who has been embroiled in a nasty legal dispute for some years. Attorneys, private investigators and the police are all involved in piecing together how one businessmans dodgy dealings led to the loss of millions of dollars in potential revenue. A ten year investigation has come to a head thanks to the unfortunate reality that this businessman failed to adequately dispose of his confidential documents. Bank statements from no less than fourteen overseas accounts were painstakingly reconfigured after the accused simply tore them into pieces and threw them in with the rest of his household waste, all of which was being closely monitored.

Obviously, this individuals criminal activity is not being endorsed, but the message remains clear: the security of your confidential documents is of paramount importance.

Several barriers prevent individuals and businesses from investing in document destruction, so we have constructed a checklist to assist you in making the wisest choices regarding your document security.

Our company doesn’t have the time to dedicate to paper shredding

Many companies fear that in order to properly complete paper shredding requirements, productivity of staff members may suffer. At Metroshred, we make the process simple by providing your workplace with two bins which can be filled over a maximum of two weeks. Dispose of your documents as you would with a regular recycling bin and we take care of the rest. There is no obligation to sort, separate or organise documents prior to disposal.

Transportation costs are too high

Metroshred offers an all-inclusive fee for their services. For $66.00, you receive a bin (minimum 2 bins). These bins are collected after a fortnight by one of our service vehicles, transported to our secure facility and the contents are destroyed in accordance with our strict procedures. There are no additional or hidden costs.

Couldn’t our company invest in its own paper shredder and save money?

It is a commonly held belief that DIY paper shredding is a much more cost-effective option. Unfortunately, when you factor in maintenance costs, reliability, further disposal costs as well as the threat to security should something go awry, it makes sense to outsource. Your peace of mind is priceless and it should be a high priority as an employer to protect the interests of your employees and your company so the threat of a security breach is mitigated.

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