How many pieces of paper would you say your business throws out in a day? Are your employees taking the time to walk over to the recycling bin, or are they just scrunching them up and throwing into their desk bin along with their apple cores and chocolate bar wrappers? Sadly, in many offices a vast amount of paper including potentially confidential documents are just ending up in general waste.

Secure and green

By implementing a robust document destruction policy however, your business can both take greater steps to protect the security of your data and by extension the security of your customers and employees data and to be more environmentally responsible in the disposal of paperwork.

Using a secure document destruction service like that provided by MetroShred means that your classified and confidential paperwork is comprehensively and securely destroyed, then taken for recycling. Unlike standard recycling bins, you can rest assured that documents are securely contained in our locked bins prior to collection and then thoroughly destroyed prior to recycling. All our staff are thoroughly screened before being granted security clearance and all of our locations are approved secure sites with the strictest guidelines for secure document destruction and records disposal. At no point in the process, from the time documents are placed into the bin until the remains are recycled, is there any threat of people gaining access to confidential and sensitive data.

Responsible destruction guaranteed

So if you want to have peace of mind about the security of your documents and have the confidence that paperwork will be recycled after secure destruction, MetroShred is the smart choice. We have competitive pricing with bins from $66 (conditions apply) and can do a one-off pick up with no fixed term contracts or a regularly scheduled service. To find out more about our services or to make a booking, call us today on 1300 677 074.