Imagine. The year is winding down and your workplace is buoyed by the fact that in a short while, a well-earned break is upon them. A chance to relax after working with dedication and focus year long.

Alas, the reality of the dreaded office clean up looms and staff morale drops as they embark upon the seemingly impossible task of sorting through months of paperwork.

Enter MetroShred, the countrys leading secure document destruction company.

At MetroShred, we provide you with the cost effective solution to all of your document destruction needs. Often at this time of the year, it is easy for workplaces to become overwhelmed with the task of an office clean up. Paperwork has the tendency to build up and policies may not be followed as stringently.

By enabling a professional company such as Metroshred to handle your document destruction, you can begin a safe, secure and regular disposal plan to protect your business.

Here are our five tips to ensure your business has a smooth and fuss-free transition into the holiday period.

  1. Enlist the help of Metroshred to combat your document destruction needs
  2. Assign a willing member of your executive team the responsibility of Document Officer. They are to be trained up to ensure all employees are filing sensitive documents in the correct manner. They are also the only authorised team member to handle documents to be shredded
  3. Hold regular meetings to keep staff in the loop on correct filing procedures as well as any new information or changes to procedure that occur
  4. Implement a no clutter policy for desks and workspaces. All paperwork must have a designed space, whether that is within a filing system, archive space or passed onto the Document Officer for shredding
  5. Laminate and display posters clearly outlining the correct procedures for document disposal. Post these in high traffic areas where staff members are able to remind themselves of company policy with ease.

Contact Metroshred today to see how we can assist you with the secure destruction of your sensitive documents.