Privacy laws and your business

These days no business can afford to be careless with customers’ private data. Both consumers and lawmakers are focusing more and more on how organisations handle sensitive information, and failure to do so correctly can be devastating, both in terms of a business’s reputation as well as legal consequences.

Responsible handling of private information extends from the moment it is collected to the moment it is disposed of. When data is no longer needed, it must be completely destroyed to eliminate any possibility of it falling into the wrong hands.

If private data does go astray a business opens itself up to possible legal action. In Australia the handling of sensitive information is regulated by the Australian Privacy Act (APA). Fines for breaching the Act can go as high as $420,000.

While organisations with annual turnovers below $3 million are generally exempt from the APA, much stricter overseas laws can also impact on Australian businesses. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) covers any business collecting data from EU residents or even accepting payments in euros. Fines under the GDPR can exceed 20 million euros.

In this environment no business can afford to take shortcuts when it comes to destroying sensitive data. Use a professional, experienced document destruction service like Metropolitan Shredding Service to ensure total erasure of private information.

At every step of the process your security is our priority. Documents are taken from your premises to our facilities by secure transport. All staff involved in handling documents are cleared to a minimum of a National Police Records Check, and all of our disposal facilities have been approved to an accredited security level.

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