All too often, we hear stories about the unfortunate moment an individual or business realises they have fallen victim to identity theft. If youve ever been on the receiving end, youll know the out-of-body experience as you comprehend the extent of the potential damage to your privacy, your safety and your future. Confidential and sensitive information is no longer contained within your boundaries and the impact could reverberate for years.

Why then, are we conditioned to be reactive, rather than proactive when it comes to protecting our private documents? Being your own first line of defence is the only answer when looking to protect yourself and your business from the threat of identity theft. If you are perceived by thieves as a difficult target with strong strategies in place, you are less likely to fall victim.

Metroshred can help with your business protection by offering a safe and secure paper shredding service. Shredding unwanted, yet sensitive documents is a vital step towards proactive security measures.

Addtionally, the number of privacy and information disposal laws has grown over the years, making it imperative for businesses to ensure records destruction and secure document disposal especially for files containing confidential information.

Unauthorised access to sensitive information could greatly affect your business reputation so regular document destruction must be enforced only by a trusted records destruction and document shredding company such as Metroshred.

Contact us now to find out how we can meet and exceed your paper shredding needs and protect you and your business from serious identity theft threats.