With parents sharing every minutiae of their own and their childrens lives on social media these days, many Mums and Dads have chosen to buck the trend and say a very firm No! to giving their child a digital footprint. In taking this stance, they are preventing the very real threat of their innocent childs image and identity being used for unsavoury purposes. But what about hard copy documents with your childs personal details? Are we doing enough to protect their future?

Unfortunately, children are the easiest targets when it comes to identity theft and fraud. Personal details are regularly stolen and used to apply for credit in the very real belief that institutions are likely to offer credit to an individual with no credit as opposed to bad credit. If initial attempts to secure credit are successful, thieves may be bold enough to apply for government benefits and rent property under your childs name.

The danger here lies in the fact that these behaviours can remain undetected for years, perhaps until your child is old enough to begin applying for credit themselves.

To minimise the risk of identity theft in your family, take these steps:

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